Lockable Casement Fastener

Lockable Casement Fastener

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Lockable casement fasteners are a great and simple solution for improved window usability. They support in secure opening or closing of the windows. And the perfect design suits your home or office. Our casement fasteners show exceptional finishes and designs. Our locking fastener is utilized for extra security. We keep up with high-quality materials, precision and proven designs. This range is suitable for domestic use, and economic as well as utility grade. There is a right blend of quality, reliability and simpleness.    

Key Aspects:
  • Simple and functional casement window fastener.
  • Proven locking design and lasting finish.
  • Easy installation and universal handing.
  • Suited for different environments & applications.

  • Finish : PB, SCP, PCP, IBMA
  • Size : B.Plate: 60 x 16mm