Fitch Fastener

Fitch Fastener

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Our fitch fastener brings a high level of security and functionality. It's a sash window fastener with traditional style. This item gives ease of fitting and locking. Also, we keep up with a perfect mix of style, durability and simplicity. The fastener has a simple rotating method, offering easy opening & closing. Manufactured from the finest alloy, the fitch fastener is ultimate in design. It is designed for increased strength in operation. The fastener is suitable for many different interiors applications.

Key Traits:
  • Standard fitch fastener with locking mechanism  
  • Traditional fastener for windows
  • Elegant, effective and simple to install    
  • Increased strength, smooth functionality and durability

  • Finish : PB, SCP, PCP, IPMA
  • Size : Plate : 65 x 15mm , Keep : 65 X 10.5mm