Finial Hinge

Finial Hinge

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Finial Hinges are made to sectioned into the doors as well as other articles of furniture. These match with the room's interior decoration and work as the indispensable cabinet knobs. Proffered with sufficient strength, these stand as the significant innovations for everyday utilization. Making your life simpler and the area of living complete, these are both decorative and functional. Specifically used on doors or flush doors, these are resistant to corrosion and come with golden finish. Provided joints are eight to ten times stronger in comparison with the task they are allotted. These Finial Hinges offer a flexibility when you shut a cabinet or open a door, on account of their essential moves.

Key Points:
  • Make the opening and shutting of doors more easy and effortless.
  • Applicable for re-doing a kitchen or just the replacements.
  • Admired for the strength they proffer, machined for meticulous installation as well as smooth movement.
  • Made with brass, have a brilliant shine.