Centre Door Knob

Centre Door Knob

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Our centre door knobs are great in style, utility and quality. These are designed to suit both traditional and contemporary setting. They have a comfortable grip with eye-catching appeal. Also, they show sturdiness as well as simplicity. Clean & simple lines make the centre brass door knobs versatile. These are suited for all types of front doors. They add outstanding decorative design features. Our door handles create a specific impression. They are both, unique and affordable. Our different finishes include polished brass, chrome and nickel etc.

Key Attributes:
  • Well proportioned, solid and sophisticated.
  • Exceptional in detail and craftsmanship.
  • Offer convenience, class & firm feel. 
  • Popular classic design with solid construction. 

  • Finish :- PB, PCP, SCP, IBMA
  • Size :- 73mm, Sqaure
  • Rose Dia :- 70mm